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10 Best Developer Tools for Students

Find a perfect developer tool to work faster and more productively. From code review and management to cloud hosting platforms.

  1. Atom. This is the best text editor ever. You will write code faster, as Atom will autocorrect it within a second. Atom is designed for OS X, Windows or Linux. You can easily customize it, so it will perfectly meet your needs. You have never worked with such a convenient code: multiple panes, a built-in package manager, and a file system browser make it so simple to work.
  2. AWS Educate. Designed by Amazon’s global initiative, AWS Educate is aimed at making cloud-relating learning better both for students and educators. Enjoy free training and skill up on AWS. You can also benefit from free access to labs and connect at AWS events with other users.
  3. Bitnami. This is a cloud hosting platform that simplified almost everything. With Bitnami assistance you can work equally convenient everywhere: in Local Installer, Virtual Machine, Cloud or Containers. Bitnami Applications are among the best secured services, as any issue is solved within a short time frame. It is easy to build, publish and customize with Bitnami Toolchain.
  4. CARTO. A powerful platform with geo-analysis tools to examine location data. Companies use CARTO to analyzes data, visualize and create applications. With the help of predictive analysis tools users improve customers satisfaction by 15%. You can use CARTO on your web or mobile applications.
  5. Crowd Flower. An essential platform for your business. You can upload your data, create a design, do sentiment analysis or classify business data. With machine learning and humans-in-the-loop this platform holds all the aces. CrowdFlower is a platform that helps you work less but more effectively. You can find out new sales strategies for your business. All you need is analyze your date correctly.
  6. DATADOG. It is a cloud-scale monitoring platform that will help you examine stacks and apps. The best thing about DATADOG is a free trial for 2 years. You can observe your services, metrics and clouds within one platform. You can troubleshoot your application performance. Moreover, DATADOG Dashboards allow users to monitor and analyze the data realtime.
  7. Digital Ocean. Enjoy an easy-to-use cloud-computing platform. It works fast and efficiently. With DigitalOcean storage you can always have enough space. You can give access to the cloud to several users and work together. Plus pricing is affordable starting with 5$ per month.
  8. DN Simple. Work with 4 official API clients today: Ruby, Elixir, Node, and Go. You can register your domain within several clicks. Manage your DNS easily, buy certificates for 3 years and secure your domains.
  9. Flatiron School. This is a coding school aimed at helping web developers. You can enjoy free courses in programming and become a successful web or iOS developer. If you are a skillful programmer, improve your skills with Certificate Courses at Flatiron School. Many top employers at Google, NASA and ESPN studied at Flatiron School. No matter who you are – a ballet dancer, a physician, or a poet. If you want to become a developer, they will teach you how.
  10. Git Hub. A perfect platform for developers. From checking the code to developing software. You can discuss and read about code problems other users have. This will help you avoid common mistakes and correct your code errors easier. With GitHub you can secure your code and limit the access if needed. GitHub is a community of developers who help work better.

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