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All the writers are walking on the edge

A meeting for starting the contract negotiations was organized on Monday by the Television Producers, Alliance of Motion Pictures, and Writers Guild of the America West. The meeting (AMPTP’s Encino Conference) resulted in huge discrepancies between individual opinion.

By the end of the day both the parties issued an agreement providing minimal benefits for all the industrial writers.
The agreement explicitly demanded the benefit of all. On their website it was clearly written that WGA demands would lend unreasonable costs and Draconian restrictions.

The group statement said that the conglomerates always strive to present themselves as unreasonable and bellicose. The statement also added that the proposal will enable the writers to make-up with the industrial standards.

Later, it was decided that the two groups along with their members, will meet on Tuesday (10 am in the morning) in order to record their official response (the proposals were saved on the official websites of AMPTP and WGA).

It is clear that the discrepancies in the relationship between management and union members based on the futuristic technology have opened up the doors for the generation of revenues and enhancing the profitability. Besides Writers Guild, there is one more member of WGA’s capitulation for videos in 1988 which is still burning high making writer’s guild limited.

The background talk on first day stress more on conventional wisdom. This implies residual formula for the reuse of the content. Therefore, it adds delay to the current process. The current process will expire on October 31.

Similar to a lottery: Making someone wins

This is a worthy question:
Why so many people are spending their vital time in writing screenplays when the odds are so slim that it maximizes the chance of their success in the film industry?

Recent figure showed that the number of writers employed for writing screenplays in the US is only 1,935. Instead of this, my sweet old grandmother is busy in writing one.

In his documentary, “Dreams on Spec”, Daniel Snyder (Director/Producer) strives to get the answer. Snyder noticed that it takes massive time and hard work for the writers to get into the picture. Most writers are taking this challenge to share their experiences with the world. They are having a story to tell to everyone. I truly believe that’s the reason why many people are writing screenplays.

The people who are determined, who are dedicated, who never lose their enthusiasm are the ones who gets succeeded in this arena.

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