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Being Conversant with German Coursework

German Coursework Is Available for Second Language Course or for Native Language Students

Students in the years 10 and 11 follow the curriculum of the GCSE examination which will be beneficial when moving onto higher studies. The core curriculum of English, mathematics and science is compulsory. The remaining subjects provide students a wide range of options to choose from. Some chose a language module which may be foreign or native to them. One such option is the German language and will involve German coursework.

Important Information

Any type of foreign language can be challenging to students. German is not an easy subject to handle. Coursework in German is worth 25% of the GCSE examination marks. 25% is a significant mark and students need to be well prepared to achieve this mark. Reading German books as much as possible and learning to identify useful words and phrases as well as connectives and joining words will be helpful when doing the coursework. In addition, students are advised to learn how to write their coursework paper in the proper grammar, as this is the main focus of language studies at this level of studies.

Contents of German Assignments

German coursework will consist of listening, reading, speaking and essay writing. Every feature in the coursework will be assessed very carefully. For example, the speaking test in the coursework will require students to speak in front of a class in German as well as in front of examiners. The manner in which the students speak and handle themselves will be critically assessed. Being aware of the words you use when speaking will enable you to receive a good grade. For example, when connecting words in English we will use “and”. In German, this will be “und”. When doing the speaking examination, without using “und” all the time, you should use another variation as well. This makes the listener understand that you have a better ability to speak German, which will bring about a high grade for the oral examination.

Writing the Coursework

Writing coursework in German is more complex than that of speaking. The spelling, grammar and punctuation in itself will stress out the students. If you need help with writing coursework in German, you can go through essays online which will enable you to understand how the essay should be written. The coursework is assessed on originality and uniqueness, therefore, avoid plagiarizing.
• Use more than one tense when writing the coursework.
• Elaborate as much as possible.
• Do not try to translate directly from English. This is impossible and you will get your words all mixed up.
• As with the French language, German too has genders which need to be clear. Therefore, students are advised to refer a dictionary when writing.

Assessment Criteria

When writing German coursework students will be benefited by being aware of the marking schemes. This will give you an idea as to how the coursework is assessed. Usually, it will be assessed for accuracy, originality, content, grammar and presentation.

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