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Environmental Pollution Essay Can Be Written in Many Forms

Given the versatility of the topic, it can be addressed in different essay forms. Following is an overview of what environmental pollution is and how best to write this essay.

What is environmental pollution?
As humans we poison our environment with all types of gases and contaminants. This has dire causes which harm the ecosystem. There are many types of pollutions which is harmful to the environment. These are air pollution, which is the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere, water pollution, by releasing waste products and other contaminants into water and noise pollutions, which can be noises emitted by air planes, construction etc. In addition to all these, we pollute the earth with all types of industry effluents, garbage dumping etc. Similar to a global warming essay, this essay also can address one of these pollutions or all causes depending on the length and complexity of the assignment requirements.

Different Forms of Essay Writing
This essay can be written from different angles and in different essay forms. The topic offers much versatility similar to an abortion essay, child abuse essay or an animal rights essay. Following are few forms in which you can write an environmental pollution essay.

• Cause and effect – You are assigned to write cause and effect essays often as a part of your GCSE coursework or A level coursework for English subject. This is an ideal topic in which you can discuss many repercussions of environmental pollution in different forms. You can also trace back effects such as acid rains, global warming, toxic smog etc. to its causes.

Informative essay – An informative essay will provide information to the reader about various aspects of environmental pollution. Facts and figures as well as trends can be analyzed. The worst polluted countries vs, least polluted countries can be discussed.

• Argumentative essay – This sort of an essay will try and convince the reader with sound evidence by respected sources, that environmental pollution is harmful and if we do not stop it now it will be disastrous. You may have written similar argumentative essays such as child labor essays where you cite both sides of the story but take a stand and support one side.

• Persuasive essay – In a persuasive essay, similar to an argumentative essay, the writer will attempt to persuade the reader that his point of view on the topic is valid. For instance, when environmental pollution is being addressed, you can try to persuade the reader to use eco friendly shopping bags and make use of eco friendly products.

• Opinion essay – With this type of essay the essay writers will provide their opinions on the topic and make suggestions such as how we can educate the next generation on how to look after the environment.

Few Writing Tips
Writing your environmental pollution essay requires planning and organization. Therefore build up an essay plan which will help you to write concisely. This makes it easier for the reader to understand what is being discussed. Proper research is vital for an effective essay. Therefore, gather as much information as possible but make sure they are from reliable and well respected sources. This will enable you to write confidently and knowledgeably.

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