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Essay on Discipline can Take Different Writing Approaches

Essay on Discipline Will Educate the Student on its Importance

Essay writing is a common part of high school and college life. Essays are written to improve certain skills which enable students to write better. It also serves the purpose of facilitating evaluation process. Tutors prefer to set essay assignments for students on different subjects and targeting different outcomes. Due to this reason, there are different types of essays which students need to write. Let us examine how to write an essay on discipline.

What is discipline?
Discipline can be understood in two ways. For example, if a child is late in coming home to do his studies more than one or two times a week how does one discipline your child? Do you punish him in order to make him behave or do you discuss and teach him proper behavior through positive reinforcements? The first option may get compliance and immediate results, but at what cost and for how long? Punishing and inflicting physical pain by hitting, caning etc. can be seen as a negative form of discipline which lower the self esteem of a child and affect the mental and social outlook of a child. If you have written child abuse essay, then you may have come across legislature which prohibits such discipline. The second option of positive disciplining is useful and in fact essential for raising a child. Teaching children about good behavior enables them to be better persons once they grow up. Therefore, discipline can be understood as a means of training to behave in the proper manner.

What is an essay on discipline?
A discipline essay can be written in different forms. It can be an informative essay, an opinion essay or argumentative essay. A cause and effect essay can also be written on this subject. The topic is in fact very versatile similar to a global warming essay or a child labor essay. You must apply all the key essay writing requirements applied to any other English essay, and incorporate insightful thoughts on the subject. A discipline essay can be written on different types of discipline, its usefulness, how to use discipline as positive reinforcement and which methods are the most effective. Another approach would be to discuss the repercussions of wrongful discipline methods. There are many options open to students when faced with writing this essay.

How to write an essay on discipline
If you are assigned to write an essay on discipline for you’re A level coursework or GCSE coursework, the standard method of writing an essay will apply to this as well. Suitable topics will range from, discipline in the work place, discipline of a child to discipline in education. Whichever topic is selected students should ensure that it is interesting and is relevant to the audience. It should also be in good alignment with the type of essay being written. A good amount of secondary research should be carried out in order to write informatively and it is beneficial if an essay outline is used to ensure cogent writing.

Discipline essay topics
Similar to different angles available in a global warming essay or an abortion essay, this subject too has many topic options. Below are a few essay topics for your consideration;
• Is misbehavior a result of lack of discipline?
• Different approaches to parental discipline of children
• Is disciplining a child is the responsibility of parent or a teacher.
• Effectiveness of Positive discipline vs. negative discipline
• Does physical punishment amount to child abuse?

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