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Evaluating Prospective Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Topics Should Be Selected With Caution

A dissertation is written in the latter part of a Masters degree or as the central focus of PhD doctoral degree. It is a document which presents the author’s research on a particular subject area. In order to gain a degree, the student will have to adhere to all the rules and regulations which come with dissertation writing. One of the rules of writing a successful dissertation is the choosing good dissertation topics.

How to select the correct topics?
Topics are usually difficult to come by and if students think that it will just come to them, they are gravely mistaken. The selection of a good topic needs effort and takes time and explorative thinking. It should also allow for interesting dissertation questions to be developed for the empirical investigation. Once you have come up with prospective dissertation ideas, these should be evaluated against a series of criteria.
1. Have you selected a topic that falls within a study area that is interesting for you? If the topic is not interesting the student will find himself disinterested in the process of researching and therefore, the whole experience of dissertation writing will be unpleasant.
2. Can research be done and the dissertation written within the time-frame allotted? Most topics tend to be too broad and complex; hence, researching will take a vast amount of time which the student will not have. Therefore, it is always a good idea to narrow the topics down to a manageable level in order to complete the dissertation project by deadline.
3. Is it within the range of competence? Selection of topics should be kept to subjects which the student is competent in. If he selects topics which are not in his field of expertise he will struggle with the review, analysis, synthesis of knowledge within the study.
4. Is it relevant? Topics selected should be relevant to the subject being studied. A student doing psychology dissertation should only select topics pertaining to the field of psychology. Likewise, students doing law dissertation should select topics relevant to that field.
5. Does it fulfill the novelty requirements? – A Dissertation is expected to contribute new knowledge to the field of study. Therefore, students must avoid selecting topics which have already been pursued.

Once you have topic options it is important to speak with tutors responsible to get their feedback on whether you have selected the correct dissertation topics. They will advice you on whether you should reconsider your options.

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