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10 Best Developer Tools for Students

Find a perfect developer tool to work faster and more productively. From code review and management to cloud hosting platforms. Atom. This is the best text editor ever. You will write code faster, as Atom will autocorrect it within a second. Atom is designed for OS X, Windows or Linux. You can easily customize it, […]

Memorizing Strategies:Write Or Type?

When was the last time you saw someone writing something down on a paper? Is there any student in your class taking notes by hand rather than typing on their laptops? Certainly, typing is a fast way to gather information, especially when there is tons of it. However, it seemed that an old-fashioned way of […]

Make Communication Work with Anxious Students: 5 Secrets to Know

Teaching is not only about giving the information. It is about interacting with your students all the time, understanding them and giving feedback. What if a student does not want to interact? What if a student is not typical? Today, there are many students suffering from anxiety problems and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With […]

How To Help Traumatized Children At School

Broken home, drug addicted parents, child abuse – the list is endless. Kids suffer from violence at home and they are being neglected. It is highly important to notice the problems as early as possible. Teachers can become a friend in need and help traumatized children get better. According to research in neuro science, traumatized […]

Getting Reliable Dissertation Help

Dissertation Help Should Be Considered From Reputable Sources Dissertation writing is a time consuming and most often challenging task. As a dissertation is usually more than 15000 words, writing one will be quite an effort to students even if they are good with other forms of writing, such as essay writing, research papers etc. In […]

Evaluating Prospective Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Topics Should Be Selected With Caution A dissertation is written in the latter part of a Masters degree or as the central focus of PhD doctoral degree. It is a document which presents the author’s research on a particular subject area. In order to gain a degree, the student will have to adhere to […]

What is Essay to Order-UK?

What You Should Know When Considering Essay to order UK Style Most students have much knowledge when it comes to essay writing as this is an area which is nurtured from young age and plays a critical role in the progress of one’s academic career. It involves the mastering of formats required, how to structure […]

Usefulness of an Essay Sample

An Essay Sample Should Be Used Just As That – A Sample The task of essay writing can be tedious and challenging. As there are many aspects to consider in the writing of essays, such as, the format, style, and topics etc, it is always a good idea to consider perusing an essay sample before […]

Application of Different Essay Writing Skills

Different Essay Writing Skills are Needed for Different Types of Essays Essays are written to improve the quality of writing, creative expression, analytical thinking and a host of other skills. The more essays written the more practice a student has. The process of writing an essay is a challenging task. This is the reason most […]