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Students Must Know: How To Make Your Linkedin Profile Work?

Social professional networks are a new age of job recruitment. Employers of the top companies use LinkedIn to find candidates. You can even be passively identified as a candidate for a job. What does ‘passively’ mean?

It means your profile can be examined and you can be offered a job without even applying. But you need to have an eye-catching profile. So the question is ‘How to complete a profile that will attract top employers and help you get a real job?’ Below you can find 5 tips on making a great LinkedIn profile.

  1. Profile photo matters. Photo is an essential tool that helps recruiters to select a candidate. No matter how great you look at the photo, if it is inappropriate like ‘photo with buddies, or drinking photo, or bad quality, never upload it. You need to keep it professional when it comes to photo as well as to other information you post.
  2. Include a story of your professional development. Tell about your coursework, clubs and organization you take part in. Do not forget to mention internship or any other relevant experience. Companies want to know what their future employee can offer them and most importantly how they can present information about themselves.
  3. Don’t be scared to show off. You need to brand yourself. Show why you are the best candidate. Explain how the company will benefit from hiring you. Visualize your achievements, use pictures and videos. Showing off is not bad, in case you have knowledge and experience to support your words.
  4. Include recommendations. Students often face a struggle of recommendations. What should I do if there are no previous employers who can tell about my achievements? Ask your professors and educators to help. They know more than anybody about your skills and accomplishments. Professors who work with you personally can write a great recommendation for you.
  5. Check your profile for mistakes. How would you react if you found grammar and spelling mistakes in your employee’s profile? Certainly, it would spoil the impression no matter how good the candidate is. So check your profile twice and make it mistake-free.

Now you know five essential tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile work. However, this is not all. Let us see how to use LinkedIn features and unique opportunities.

Have you ever thought you can connect with people whose career you admire? Today it is possible with LinkedIn. You can communicate with influential people thanks to social professional network.

The first thing you need to know to make communication successful is to write personalized request. Find something you have in common or compliment how you find person’s professional work inspiring.

Secondly, do not make your request as the application for a job. Why don’t you ask for career advice they can give you? Show your passion, and in the long run your passion can help you get a dream job.

There are tons of industry-specific articles on LinkedIn. When you post and comment on such articles, you show your interest in a field. Analyze them analytically, as this will show your future recruiters that you are actively engaged in what you are doing. You can also analyze other people’s career path. On LinkedIn, you can observe and examine how people get where they are now. This is a good strategy to build your career.

If you are a student, it does not mean your LinkedIn profile is not going to work. You can have more experience than you can imagine. Manage your profile wisely to get a job you have been dreaming about.

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