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Taking Part in International Essay Competition

Educate yourself of the Eligibility Criteria for Participation in International Essay Competition

Taking part in any competition requires expertise. Students, who are good with their essay writing skills, now have the option to take part in essay competitions. These essay competitions are not limited to certain countries only. Now students from any country can take part in these essay competitions. The purpose of the international essay competition is to encourage students to produce excellent writing and to make them aware of diverse aspects and relationships in different countries. Therefore, if you are a student who is good with your essay writing skills this is a good opportunity to portray your skills in the international arena.

Requirements of the Competition
Every competition regardless of its type has eligibility requirements. For example, a scholarship essay contest has certain requirements such as age limit and if the students have to be in certain high schools to take part in this contest. In the case of this essay competition the usual general requirements are given below;

• The age requirement for most essay competitions is students or non students between the ages of 18 and 25. However, every international essay competition has different age requirements. It will be beneficial for the students to find out these requirements before proceeding any further.

• The type of competition you attend should be in accordance to the area of expertise. For example students who were good with writing Global Warming essays for their GCSE coursework can enter competitions which require students to write about the effects of global warming. If students are good with technical aspects of writing they should take part in essay competitions which specialize in such areas.

• International competition students will be able to submit their essays in a number of languages. Most competitions inform the languages which students can utilize to write their essays. If selected as finalists some competitions ask students to present essays in the language used or in English. Therefore, students should be prepared accordingly.

• The length and format for the essay will be specified according to each competition. The standard essay competition similar to a high school essay contest requires students to write 500 to 1000 word essays. However, this once again depends on the type of competition.

• Some competitions allow students to include graphs and tables. Marks are allocated for the essay presentation as well, hence makes sure your essay presented in a professional manner.

Grading for the Competition
Essays will be graded according to various categories. However, most competitions are graded on originality, structure, coherence, clarity and quality of writing. Therefore, before you enter the competition ensure that all of the above are apparent in your essays.

The World Bank International Essay Competition is the most internationally recognized essay competition. The winner of the first prize is awarded a sum of USD 5000, while the finalists receive up to USD 1000 depending on the quality of the essays.

If you are considering entering the International Essay Competition, make sure that you speak to your advisors and other mentors in order to ensure that you are following the correct admission process. Taking part in one of these competitions is a stepping stone towards further academic progress.

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