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Usefulness of an Essay Sample

An Essay Sample Should Be Used Just As That – A Sample

The task of essay writing can be tedious and challenging. As there are many aspects to consider in the writing of essays, such as, the format, style, and topics etc, it is always a good idea to consider perusing an essay sample before proceeding any further. It will always be beneficial to view more than one essay in order to gather knowledge about how to proceed with the writing.

Although using samples is advantageous, the disadvantages are almost equal too. Below are a few advantages and disadvantages to using sample essays.

Advantages of using essay samples:
1. There are many types of essays ranging from evaluation essays to descriptive essays. Most students find it difficult to conform to the many rules and regulations which pertain to different types of essays, and going through a few samples of essays allows them to understand what is required in their writing.
2. The essay topics provided in these samples inspire and allows the students to come up with creative and interesting topics on their own.
3. They learn the basics of how to write an essay along with how to write essay introduction and the conclusions.
4. Through the samples the students can come up with their own ideas which enable them to write better essays as a result.

Disadvantages of using essay samples:
1. Perusing too many essay samples will sometimes cramp the student’s thinking skills and without knowing he or she might end up plagiarizing. And if this is done without your knowledge, the chances are that the person reading the essays might get the wrong impression of the writer.
2. Often the students will copy the thoughts in the samples and write it in a different way. This will not develop creative thinking skills as an essay writer.
3. Samples are most often written by professional essay writers and therefore, an average student using these essays as samples may be aiming for too high a standard for writing.
4. The chances of a weak student submitting a well written essay which has been copied off the sample, will make the tutor suspicious and as a result he could be expelled from class.

There is more than one essay sample available online and the key factor would be to go through as many as possible if it will not hamper your thinking skills. As long as they are used as guidelines you will be able to submit well written essays.

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